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Everyone loves binging on ready-to-fry snacks. But are they guilt-free? They come with the myth that ready-to-fry snacks are made with added preservatives.

How do we break this myth and make snacking worry-free for all? Presenting our new campaign for Yummiez Crispy Potato Starz with a simple message: You can't hide how delicious it is, but Yummiez Crispy Potato Starz has nothing hidden, means no added preservatives.

This star-shaped crunchy snack is made with Individual Quick Freeze (IQF) Technology that keeps it fresh for a long time without any added preservatives.

So go on and try it because Yummiez Mein Kuch Nahi Chhupa.

Duuuude Campaign

Duuuude Campaign

Though tasty, there are obvious doubts around the health, safety and quality of outside fast food. Every mother would agree to this, and so do we.

We believe ‘Fast Food’ can be tasty and safe at the same time. We bring to you Yummiez's range of delicious Veg & Non-Veg ready-to-cook and ready-to-eat snacks which are better than bahar ka fast food.

Presenting Yummiez range of 'Ghar Ka Fast Food' that are easy to make, faster than any delivery app, and tastier than any nukkad ka fast-food joint. No wonder everyone who tastes it ends up saying ‘Duuuuddddeeeee’

Party Maker Campaign

Party Maker Campaign
Party Maker Campaign 01
Party Maker Campaign 02

With grueling work and busy travel schedules, most of us today find little or no time for friends and family.

But shouldn't life be much more than it being monotonous?

Besides work and busy schedules, we believe life should be full of wonderful moments, great bonds and never-ending house parties! Yes, a house party where you get to unwind from the busy week. A house party that allows you to catch-up with friends and most importantly a house party that never runs out of snacks.

Godrej Yummiez presents a delicious range of veg and non-veg ready-to-cook snacks that will leave the guests asking for more and keep the party going!

Chef Specialz

Watch Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi deliver some magic!

Watch Amrita Raichand whip something special for us!

Experimenting with food is second nature to us foodies! That's why we have collaborated with culinary geniuses who have come up with some lip-smacking dishes. Here are a few DIY recipes you can try in your kitchen with the Ghar Ka Fast Food.

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